Mayowa Lambe has a message for any woman considering “snatching” her spouse while she’s away from home.

Mayowa Lambe has issued a warning to any woman considering “snatching” her spouse simply because she is out of the country.


Roby Ekpo, an OAP, is the media personality’s husband.


She is currently residing in another country, while Roby is residing in Nigeria.


She revealed in an Instagram video that any woman who considers snatching her husband will be exploited to “perform surrogate for free.”

Media personality, Mayowa Lambe,?has a message for any woman thinking to "snatch" her husband, Roby Ekpo, because she

Roby, her husband, remarked that they would spend the woman’s money together as well.

The pair, who have been married for six years, do not have any children together at this time. Mayowa has spoken about her struggle to conceive through IVF in Nigeria, and how her efforts were thwarted by the hospital’s incompetence.


Take a look at the video below.


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