Man who used $20K to transform himself into a ‘DOG’ takes his first walk in public

A Japanese man identified as Toco who spent $20,000 to transform himself into a ‘DOG’ takes his first walk in public.

Toco achieved this extraordinary attainment by acquiring a hyperrealistic dog costume created by a Japanese company called Zeppet.

After spending 40 days working on this intricate disguise, Toco finally had the opportunity to step out into the world as a dog and take his first-ever walk in public.

  • Filming his experience as a border collie for his YouTube channel, Toco went out into the street, embracing his new identity and making friends with other passer-by dogs as he made a strolling.

This was due to the realistic of his appearance and his realistic movement of that of a real dog, making it hard to identify him as a human in disguise.

Toco explained his reasons behind him becoming a dog stating that he has always wanted to become a dog right from childhood.

Toco said he admires them(dogs) of how loyal and playful creatures they are, and had wanted to experience life from that perspective.

By hiding his human identity, Toco hoped to avoid the judgment and scrutiny that often accompanies unconventional choices.

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