Man shared inspiring love story of how him and his wife helped to achieve each other’s dreams

A man has shared a catching and interesting love story of how he met his wife and also, how they both helped to achieve each other’s dreams.

According to the man on twitter as Mazi Mufassa, he met his wife who was living in US when he was just an ordinary production manager and a freelancer for Nollywood that was receiving N50k as payment.

Mr Mufassa said his wife is 5years older than him but she did not care about it. After three years of dating, his wife on April 2017 filed his paper to travel to US with her after her friends tried to discourage her, and on November of the same year, his visa was given.

Mufassa finally arrived in America on December 2017 and after some while, they both decided to get married to adjust status.

8 months later, Mr Mufassa got his working permit after his arrival in US, though it wasn’t easy for him throughout that period but his wife stood by him.

So after getting his working permit in 2018, he got a job at a car manufacturing company which he was earning a little bigger amount of money and he decided to buy his wife a brand new car, because his wife sold her former car to finance his relocation to America.

In 2019, he quit his job as a car manufacturing company worker and decided to acquire a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) which cost him $7000, and this time, his wife assisted him with the money.

After acquiring his CDL, he started working as a commercial truck driver and he started making much money than his wife, and he decided to move his wife’s styling business to the next level.

In some period of time after working as a commercial truck driver in the company, he decided to stop and start his own. When he told his wife about his intention, she gave him $5,000 in cash to support him and he was able to purchase his first tractor trailer.

After three months of driving his own operator, he bought his wife a SUV car in August and also asked his wife what she wanted on her birthday and she insisted that she wanted to get a degree which Mr Mufassa got her enrolled and paid her school fees to get what she asked for.

The happy married man who has lived in America in the past three and half years with his wife and three children said that what made him the successful man he is today is because of his wife.

Mazi Mufassa shared this amazing story on his twitter account in series.

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