Mabel Makun recounts her baby’s testimony after three miscarriages with no medical answers.

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Ayo Makun, popularly known as Comedian AY, and his gorgeous wife, Mabel Makun, recently welcomed their second kid, Ayomide, into the world.

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This is thirteen years after their first kid, Michelle Makun, was born.

On Monday, January 17, the new baby was welcomed into the world.

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Mabel, an overjoyed new mother, decided to share her baby’s testimony a few days after delivery.

Mabel said that she suffered three miscarriages before to Ayomide’s birth.

She also expressed her disappointment at not being able to protect her unborn children.

She also expressed her disappointment at not being able to protect her unborn children.

“This will definitely provoke my emotions,” Mabel Makun wrote on her verified Instagram profile, adding, “the goal was to close/open my eyes and make it all go away but then again I thought to myself,Mabel you have to encourage someone out there.”

There have been three miscarriages with no medical explanations. It followed the same pattern as previously, with everything that had happened before happening again, except this time more, but I was resolved not to fail by clinging to God.

Anal bleeding, threatened miscarriage, difficulty breathing, wasn’t psychologically or mentally stable, and that was the hardest part for me; my emotions were all over the place, and had to take deep breath in and out to keep myself from crying, struggling not to blame myself for not protecting and fighting for the survival of the babies lost, placenta separation, and weak uterus. 
To be honest, was fatigued; how got here today is beyond me; all know is that God was and continues to be with me and Ayomide, for which we are eternally grateful. You are God in your own right, and you will never share your grandeur. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your messages, prayers, and yes, the love. For me, God bless you all.”

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