“look like they want to take our job”_ Chris Hemsworth applaud Ikorodu bois

Hollywood popular actor, Chris Hemsworth has applauded the Nigerian popular Ikorodu bois for emulating the “Extraction 2” video trailer.

The film, Extraction 2 which is set to be release on June 16, the Ikorodu bois have released their own piece of the same movie that got Chris Hemsworth’s attention.

It’s of no doubt that the Ikorodu bois are such a talented set of kids that reproduce their own clip version of any videos that come their way.

Seeing the Ikorodu bois emulated “Extraction 2″ video, Chris Hemsworth description it ” incredible” and said it’s a great work.

He jokingly went further to say that it seem like the Ikorodu bois are intending to take their job from extraction 2..

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