Lady shares her experience with police officer on her way to Ajah

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her experience she encountered with a police officer on her way to Ajah, Lagos state.

The Lady identified on twitter as Sleektruth said that on her way to Ajah, Lagos state, she demanded from the conductor of the bus she boarded that she should be stopped before the “End SARS” bus stop which is originally known as Lekki toll gate.

Recall that after the Lekki toll gate massacre, it was reported that the Lekki toll gate’s name should be changed to “End SARS” bus stop, so as to remember lives that were lost during the End SARS period.

So, after the lady, Sleektruth, made mention of this her comment, a police officer who was also inside the same boss with her said;“Which one is End SARS bus stop? is it not Lekki toll gate you mean?”

Sleektruth hearing what the police officer said, repeated again ;”End SARS bus stop oga.” to her greatest surprise, everybody inside the bus including the conductor supported her and despise the police officer.

In her words;

“In a bus goin to Ajah, I told the conductor that he should stop me right before End Sars bus stop, a police man who was sitting in front responded immediately,
“which one is End sars bus stop”? Is it not lekki toll gate you mean?
I repeated myself “End Sars bus stop Ogà”.

“I was shock when the conductor replied the police “Óga have been waiting for a passenger to call that place end Sars bus stop”.
The vehicle got to the point and the conductor shouted End Sars wà..
I was glad becos other young people and elderly people in the bus agreed with me .”

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