Lady narrates how her cousin almost used her brother for ritual

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A Nigerian lady has narrated how her blood brother was almost used for a ritual by her distant cousin.

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The lady identified on twitter as “Amanda Oruh” said that during the new year celebration period, that is 29 December, her brother was almost used for ritual.

According to her, before they intended to use her brother for ritual, they first poisoned his him. The said brother who was unaware of this, latterly came to knowledge of this and tried to run away but to not avail.

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Before they could get hold of him when he tried to escape, he quickly use his last strength to call his mother and told her that his cousin whose name is Udoh, want to use him for ritual.

When the cousin realized that he has already informed his parent of what he wanted to do to this lady’s brother, he changed his mind and took him far into his village.

Fortunately, the brother was able to reach home and he was taken to a hospital where he was vomiting blood and bleeding through his nose, but however, God saved him.

In her words;

“I was here saying happy new yr to pple unaware that my brother was fighting for his life as my distant cousin tried to kill my brother for ritual on the 29th Dec. My parents didn’t tell us, we called to say HNY to them today &found out. I have cried my eyes out. God saved him.

“To think I got this news as I was about to drive out of Muson center after watching a musical, I cried all through the drive. I didn’t even know how I manage to drive safely home this night as tears clogged my eyes.

“If there is nothing else God does for my family this year, this is more than enough great news for the year. Giving my brother a 2nd chance. Saving him from death, saving us from the pain and trauma. Indeed this testimony is mighty. Please thank God for us, He saved my brother.”

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