Kizzdaniel apologizes after arriving 5 hours late at his show in U.S

Nigerian hit-maker popularly known as Kizzdaniel has apologized to his DMV fans after he arrived at the show 5 hours late.

Despite all that happened, the singer still went on to give reasons why he didn’t arrive at his show in the time he ought to have.

According to Kizzdaniel, he narrated that his U.S passport was withheld for some reasons which he didn’t clarify at the U.S Consulate in Nigeria.

With all effort to get to the show on time did not avail even when he had to board a private jet, and went to the show directly from the airport.

Stating that the show would have lasted longer if the people had allowed it, ensured that their tickets still remain valid as a way to make it up to them.

Taking this apology to his Instagram page, he wrote:

DMV, thank you for showing up last night and sincere apologies for all that happened. For some reasons my passport was withheld at the US Consulate in Nigeria until the day of the show and previously booked flights had to be cancelled. Same reason I rescheduled the New York show.

J@@ust for the love and respect I have for you and my craft I got on the next available flight to New York the second I had my passport thinking I could still make it cuz I just don’t want to cancel another date. I booked a PJ to DMV from New York to make the journey faster but unfortunately it didn’t work.

I went straight to the venue from the airport.

We could have moved the show but my team and I believed we could meet up.

The performance would have been longer also if the venue had allowed.
So sorry guys, I will make it up to you. A new date will be announced and all your tickets remain valid.New York, let’s have fun tonight !”

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