Justin Bieber shares what virus he has been suffering from

Canadian popular singer, Justin Bieber has shared online the kind of virus he has been suffering from for some time now.

The singer who took to his Instagram page to share what he has been suffering from, said that he has been suffering from a virus called Facial palsy.

According to Justin Bieber, the virus has already affected the nerve in his ears, and also a part of his face making him unable to blink one of his eyes, as well restricted him from smiling on the same side of his face.

Justin bieber went on to say that people who were frustrated by the cancelation of his next show was as a result of this syndrome because its quite serious and he is currently physically unable to carry on with the show.

The several award winning singer said that he has to take some time to rest and that he is now on medication and exercise to make the condition of his face back to it normal position, but he doesn’t know how long it will take for it to fully recover.

However, he assured that everything is going to be fine because he trust God, and he also believed that the situation is all for a reason

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