“I’m not a billionaire but my backpack worth $800″_ Speed Darlington mocks Cubana chief priest for carrying cheap looking bag

Singer Speed Darlington has mocked Nigerian billionaire, Cubana Chief Priest for carrying cheap looking bag at Imo airport.

Darlington who landed at Imo state airport with Cubana chief priest, made a video as he sighted the cheap looking bag with the Chief Priest.

Speedy Darlington said though he is not a billionaire as Cubana chief priest, but his backpack worth eight hundred dollars ($800).

Seeing Cubana chief priest with the cheap looking bag at the Imo state airport, Speed Darlington said that he is not impressed at what he is seeing.

Reactions flew in as people poured out their thoughts about the video that Speed Darlington did concerning Cubana chief priest.

Some fans frown at the video saying that Speed Darlington is too proud, and that because Cubana chief priest is a rich man, he shouldn’t live a normal life again.

@pablo_jizzy wrote :”Na u Dey impress ur self”

@sheis_thamyna__ “Rich people can’t live a normal life in this country ,pls let the rich briffffff, don’t suffocate them”

@georgeusifoh __”Na why tunde wash hand comot for ur mata”

@flimzy_og__”Lmao Dey advise reich man poor man”