“I’ll still be s*lling the Igbos just like my father s*old them if not for the British intervention”_ Asari Dokubo reveals

Former Niger Delta agitator, Mujahid Asari Dokubo had said that if not for the intervention of the British who came to Nigeria, he would’ve still be s*lling the Igbos just like his father did.

According to Punch Newspaper, the former militant replied the Indigenous People of Biafra for calling him an activist turned into a bunkering militant and a political thug.

On Tuesday night, Asari Dokubo made a video unveiling that he would have still be s*lling people(igbos) as sl@ves if not for the intervention of the British.

He also said that all Kalabari man is not a Kalabari man, and that he is not running away.

“You think every Kalabari man is
a Kalabari man.
See how the they are. They keep saying that I have run away. Look at me; I’m here,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Punch Newspaper had reported earlier on that Asari Dokubo had a visit to president Ahmed Tinubu and said that Nnamdi Kanu is a criminal that contributed to the crisis that led to nationwide #ENDSARS protests, hence he should be punished.

“His release would fuel impunity; during #EndSARS, Nnamdi Kanu was walking free. What did he do? He poured petrol on the flames of #EndSARS. Now, he has been caught. What of the people who have passed away? This is a criminal. He should face the law,” he added.