Ifu Ennada posts a troll’s harsh statement as she prays for the government to start penalizing cyberbullies.

Ifu Ennada has posted a cruel comment left on her Instagram account by a troll.


The troll claimed that the former reality star’s aura makes her “extremely unappealing.”


The troll went on to describe the aura as “wickedness and heartlessness,” and warned that it would repel male lovers.


Ifu reacted, indicating that she is not only dating, but that a slew of men are showing interest in her on a daily basis.


She explained to the troll and the other trolls that celebrities, like everyone else, have feelings.


She then wondered why someone would be so full with hatred as to send her a message like the one she received.


She went on to say that she hopes the government takes cyberbullying seriously and punishes those who engage in it.


See the list below.


Ifu Ennada shares hurtful comment from a troll as she prays the government would begin punishing cyberbullies

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