“if Pere handles you”_ Cross gives warning to Uriel as she made advances at Pere

Sincerely, this “All Stars” edition of the famous TV show, Big Brother Naija has been so riveting since it started.

On an update, Cross has given Uriel a clue about Pere when she made advances at him when he was hanging out close to the mirror with Cross.

Uriel who was feeling Pere, walked up to him, but she first smash Pere on his butt and tried to walk away, but Pere called her back , then she turned and held both Cross and Pere.

However, Uriel made her intention known as she went straight to the point that she likes Pere and she choses him to be with him in the house .

As Uriel was still holding Pere, Cross gave her a warning that if Pere should handle her, she wouldn’t be able to regain herself for days.

Uriel who was surprised and shocked at the same time, said;”Are you serious? I’ll be walking like a zombie

Well, it doesn’t seem like Pere likes Uriel in return and would want to be with her in the house.

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