If Jesus came into our world merely to heal sick people, then he failed woefully – Fr Ugwu

Catholic priest Fr. Kelvin Ugwu posted that, if Jesus came into the world with the intention of only healing the sick, then he failed miserably.


Ugwu challenged assertions that Jesus entered the world to perform miracles and heal the sick in a post that was shared on his Facebook page. He claimed that all of the people Jesus healed became ill again and that Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, still passed away.


He argued that healings or miracles in the modern sense were never the main justification for Jesus’ entry into the world. According to him, salvation was the main message of Jesus at the time, and all of his healings and miracles served to point people in that direction.


He published;


”The hard truth that you may not want to hear is that if Jesus came into our world merely to heal sick people, then he failed woefully.

You know why?

Even during his days, he did not heal all the sick people. He could have simply removed sickness, but he did not. And till tomorrow, we will still have sick people with us. And you reading this, you will also fall sick at one point in time.

Healings or miracles as we see them today were never his primary reason for coming into our world.

In fact, those he cured of different sicknesses and diseases, still fell sick and they still died.

Lazarus that he raised from the dead, still died.

Christ healed because he is God and because if he has power to give you salvation, what is sickness that he can’t cure? So, all his miracles were to point you to believe that he can give you salvation.

Those of you that think the Christian message is all about miracles and healings, you have been deceived.

Those of you that run to churches because in their advert they drew wheelchair, women giving birth or carrying babies, and other things should know that church is not hospital. Even your so called minister claiming to be doing the healing has a private doctor. Go and check!

It is the economic situation of your country that is necessitating all those abuses. The day you will have good healthcare, you won’t see any of those.

The central message of Christ is SALVATION. This is why, of all the miracles he did, the thief he promised paradise on the cross, will always stand out.”


If Jesus came into our world merely to heal sick people, then he failed woefully - Fr Ugwu

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