I was not hit by the bottle she threw. Sadly, it had an impact on someone else – Mercy Aigbe discusses her ‘fight’ with Lara Olukotun

Mercy Aigbe, an actress, has spoken out about what led to her confrontation with entrepreneur Lara Olukotun at a Lagos event on Sunday, June 12.



Lara was seen tossing a bottle at Mercy at the gathering, and she was also seen cursing Mercy, according to a video that went viral earlier today.




Mercy claimed that Lara has been verbally assaulting her online for some time in a statement posted to her Instastories late last night. She claimed she attempted to contact Lara to learn the reason for the sudden hatred because she was a friend and had previously patronized her business. Mercy stated that she tried unsuccessfully to contact Lara before to the event on Sunday.

Lara, the mother of two, allegedly started it all when she saw her at the Sunday gathering and began verbally assaulting her. Mercy claimed that all attempts by other guests to stop her failed because Lara continued to call her unprintable names, and she had to defend herself. She claimed that’s when things took a turn for the worst.




She apologized to anyone who believed she could have handled the matter better at the end of her statement.




Take a look at her post below…



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The bottle she threw didnThe bottle she threw didnThe bottle she threw didn

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