I never imagined Nigeria would reach the point where a manufacturer has a $425,000 invoice for materials and the CBN only allocates $210 to him. – Nigeria’s Chief Operating Officer laments

Bola Adefila, the Chief Operating Officer of manufacturing business in the nation, has lamented the hardships the country has faced recently.


Adefila claimed in her tweets that she never imagined Nigeria would reach point when company has $425,000 invoice for imported supplies and the CBN only allocates him $210.


She went on to say that, despite their best efforts, things are worse. 
The COO sent out tweet:


Never in a million years would I have thought Nigeria will get to this stage. How do you explain it, that a manufacturer has an invoice of $425000 to import materials and all that is allocated to him from CBN is $210. I can’t even wrap my brain around it.

How do we rise above this? We’re trying to be hopeful but it’s getting worse. If it’s not Fx today, then it’s power/infrastructure. A healthy economy is gotten from the total aggregate of healthy businesses/entrepreneurs. We are really beginning to look like jokers

The situation is liken to “beating a child and expecting the child not to cry”, How now?

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