I introduced my close friend to a wealthy man, but she refused to speak with me when he changed her life – Lady relates.

A Nigerian woman described how she helped to alter the life of a close friend only to be labeled a nasty person as a result.

She claimed that a friend confided in her that she was experiencing difficulties, so she introduced her to a wealthy man who was interested in her.
They began dating, and the man completely improved her life, moving her into a new apartment and even starting a successful business for her.
When the girl began to display a sassy and nasty side to her partner, he suggested her to change her circle.
In response, she stated that if she were to do so, she would begin with the friend who connected them, claiming that she is a horrible friend.

The narrator went on to say that her friend had blocked her in the presence of the man, and he was so taken aback that he had to call her to find out what was going on between them.

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