I had no job in Canada this time last year, and now I’m just making silly money – Shade Ladipo

Shade Ladipo, Nigerian media star, has discussed the difficulties she had after coming to Canada.


Ladipo stated on Instagram that she worked 18-hour days cleaning gyms, collected government money, and no one wanted to hire her for the job for which she was qualified.


She also stated that she promised herself that she would never accept money from her profits in Nigeria and that she would conquer the North American country.


The television celebrity continued by saying it took her less than two years to start generating money in Canada.


Shade Ladipo, who is now Diversity and Inclusion manager for Canadian corporation, stated that the position was established for her.


She composed;

This time last year I had zero job in canada
I worked 18/hr cleaning gyms then Covid hit and I was on Employment Insurance lol
Collecting Government money
No one wanted to hire me for what I was qualified to do
I refused to stop moving

I told myself that I would never take money from my earnings in Nigeria
Avienti was making money but went without eating instead taking money from my company
I refused, I reduced my overheads, moved in with my bestie and took public transport to every single place

I told myself that I would conquer this Gadddam country

Took me less than 2yrs and now im just making stoooopid money
Like foolish money

They created the Gaddeem role for me

Today, I want to thank Me
For believing in Me
For not giving up on Me

Thank Me

If e easy, try am naa



This time last year I had zero job in Canada, now I

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