“I deserve d£*th, I want to d!e”_ man says as he confessed of st*bbing his girlfriend to d£*th

The case of a man that confessed online of stabbing his girlfriend to death has caused some stir on the internet because of the reason he claimed he did it.

The suspect who changed his username on Twitter, turned himself in and regretfully said he deserve to d!e because of what he did, thereby apologizing for his wrongs.

According to the 26 years old suspect, he had an argument with his girlfriend which made him to mistakenly stabbed her, and with fear, he ran out of the house.

He also claimed, he wanted to do the right thing by turning himself in, and he would be glad to pay with his life because he can not live with the guilt of taking another person’s life.

The deceased is identified as Austa on Instagram. But more informations are still yet unknown neither has her family raise any alarm as of when this article was published

The deceased

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