“He’s trying,” says HarrySong, K-former Cee’s song composer, in response to a fan’s claim that K-Cee hasn’t been singing “decent songs” since he left him.

KCee, according to singer Harrysong, is attempting with the type of songs he has been churning out since he parted company with Five-star music in 2017.


KCee and his brother, E-money, own Five-star Music, which signed Harrysong. Following multiple accusations and counter-accusations, he parted ways with the organization in 2017.


Harrysong, who has now launched his own record company, held an IG Q&A with his fans, and one of them requested him to advice Kcee on how to release better songs.

“Please advise K-cee to sing nice songs since only God knows what he is singing since you left him,” an IG user commented.


Harrysong responded by writing:

“He’s making an effort.” It’s not an easy task. Everyone could need some motivation. From this side, it’s all about love.”

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