Four vehicles transporting over 4,200 bottles of beer were stopped by Hisbah police.

Four trucks with approximately 4,200 bottles of various beer were stopped by Hisbah authorities in Kano State.


Dr. Harun Ibn Sina, the Board’s Commander General, made the announcement while briefing journalists in Kano on Saturday, February 5.


The vehicles were stopped along the Kwanar Dangora-Kiru Madobi and Zaria-Kano roads, he said.


The Commander General emphasized that Kano State Shari’a regulations prohibit the consumption and sale of beer and other intoxicants, and that those found guilty face harsher penalties.


He also revealed that the Board had been successful in apprehending criminals engaged in prostitution, drug trafficking, and other illegal activities in Panshekara.

Residents in the region complained, and the young men and women were detained, according to Ibn Sina.


The state’s Commander General urged citizens to be more attentive and to report any suspicious persons or characters to the appropriate authorities. He further stated that the board is ready to work with key stakeholders to eliminate all sorts of vices in the state.

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