“Every woman should cheat on their boyfriend before they get married”_ lady advises (video)

A lady has taken to social media to advise ladies to cheat on their boyfriend before getting married to him.

According to the Lady, women should cheat on their boyfriends or spouses because they need to know if he truly loves the them.

On the video that is spreading swiftly on the Internet, the lady said if a woman cheats on her man and he still want to be with her, that means she got a “winner” of her life.

The lady however said that to be honest, women normally cheat on their boyfriends or spouses, and while on the other hand, men do lie to their girlfriends.

She went further to insinuate that cheating on your spouse is a strategy to know if your boyfriend is loyal, if he will be there for you in hard time, and if he has a forgiven spirit.

Watch video below

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