Elections in 2023 will come and go, but Nigeria will stay – Formal President Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan calmed anxieties about the country’s unity ahead of the 2023 election on Monday, February 21.


Jonathan expressed hope for the country’s unity following the election during his speech at the Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) Council of the WISE strategic retreat and planning workshop in Lagos.


He stated,


“When elections are coming, there is always this fear that the country will implode. But you see that the country has remained stable.

“When I was in office, (during) the 2015 elections, some people were sending words out of the country, but nothing happened at the end of the day. So 2023 will come and go and this country will remain.”


The former Nigerian President also voiced confidence in ECOWAS’ ability to address the sub-myriad region’s difficulties.

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