“Don’t marry any girl that asks for transport money”_ pastor Mildred Okonkwo

Co-pastor of David Christian Centre, Pastor Mildred Isioma Kinsley Okonkwo has advised men not to marry girls that ask for transport money.

The pastor made this astonishing proclamation during one of her administration service.

Pastor Mildred said the advice that men should give girls money for transport already indicate that those girls are poor.

She clearly stated that those girls that ask their men for money for transport are lazy and usel£ss girls.

Mix reactions

@pink.lips.balm Hmm. Wrote; “she’s talking about two fully grown adults but in reality men are dating young girls that are students that have not started making money. Where do you want them to consistently get money from. Some of them even date from a different state entirely.. they travel down to see the men.. make dem steal?
And before going, they try to look their best. Make hair etc.. bring a woman is not cheap Abeg”

@nessa_fragrance_n_more_ng __”don’t care if I have millions go ask for get to your place I’ll ask i must ask
transport money oh even if I don’t ask before coming.. when I”

@sharonofficial126 __”Any boy that isn’t your family member that ask you for o come and visit Him at home instead of a public place is a yulsless boy8″

@remiasher__ “U see when some people escape poverty, they forget their past and beging to run their mouth. Check her foundation”

@wisdomphillip_official_page __”A man that says come to my house is a use**less and st***pid man”

@residentconcy__”Ma, preach about heaven that’s your calling. Leave transportation for Tinubu ‘s government to decide.”

_alex_obi__ “Once they carry bible they start spitting nonsense mtcheeeww men take care of your woman. I believe if you give her enough she won’t be asking for transport every time she visit”

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