“don’t borrow to do wedding”_ Tunde Ednut advices on marriage

Erstwhile Nigerian singer and currently blogger, Tunde Ednut has given a piece of advice to fans concerning marriage.

Tunde Ednut’s advise was directed to people who are getting ready or about to get married.

Tunde Ednut sharing this hint on Threads said that borrowing money to do wedding just to impress people could be a mistake.

According to him, borrowing money to do marriage just to impress will only make one worry due to he or she must pay back the money borrowed. Whereas necessary things are needed to be bought.

You wan do wedding, you dey borrow money. Don’t you think you are already making a mistake?

You are borrowing to impress people, cause your wedding must look great. After wedding, you won’t be able to sleep, cause you need to pay people back their money, whereas you have not bought curtains in your new matrimonial home.

Calculate these things before you wed. You don’t have to impress anyone. The people you want to impress sef don’t care about you. #Facts,” Tunde Ednut inscribed.

Some Threads users who saw the post contributed that it might also lead to divorce because of the disgrace that comes from borrowing money, hence nobody should borrow money to do wedding just to impress people.


@ogatailor__”Most times na the lady want the community wedding, IG kind of wedding and the husband too wants to impress his new bride..so that the factor”

@jombo_nation__”At the end of the day the wife will now say she no do again because of the disgrace of borrowing money

@itz_estelle__”Me that I want a very quiet weeding instead of spending too much feature hubby please use that money and buy small car for me mbok”

@the_1977__”At the end of everything they might still now get divorced. Chai.”

@tiaravibez__”Some men might even do this at the back of their wives.. the innocent woman would have no idea.. after 10 years in marriage dem go con Dey pay unnecessary debts.. while some it’s the pressure from the wife that she wants to have an elaborate party that would make the husband borrow to do her desired wedding. Since people can renew vows I think it is best to use what u have at that moment and later in the future do ur desired wedding”