DJ cuppy and fiance spark breakup rumor as Ryan unfollowed Cuppy on Instagram

Nigerian popular Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy and her fiance, Ryan Taylor have spark breakup rumor as Ryan unfollowed Cuppy on Instagram.

The duo had triggered the rumor when Cuppy was reportedly not seen puting on her ring, and was no longer flaunting her man on her online page.

According to source, DJ Cuppy and Ryan Taylor have unfollowed each other. However, Cuppy has re-followed Ryan, but he didn’t return the gesture.

However, Ryan Taylor had made things worst as he dropped a quote some days ago that one should let go of anything that is occluding spiritual growth.

On Instagram, Ryan Taylor still has the romantic photos he took with his fiancee, DJ Cuppy on his Instagram page.

Rayan Taylor and DJ Cuppy. Credit: Ryan Taylor Instagram page
Rayan Taylor and DJ Cuppy: credit: Rayan Taylor Instagram page

Reactions from netizens trails as

@hem_my88 wrote, “Even billionaires pikin dey block spiritual growth, precious avoid me pls”

@favourr.oj__ “This her fiancé have Been engaged to like 3 different girls in the past.,When he engaged cuppy I was like I’m going to give this their engagement 10 months before I know is real..”

@brie.lucky __ “Not a hater, but I always knew that “ he engaged me after 2 days” ain’t gonna stand.”