Discrimination: Texas hotel manager invites police to shut down a cultural event held by Mbaise community in U.S

In the United State of America, the people of Mbaise community have been disrupted of their cultural event by a hotel manager as he invites the police to shut down the event.

According to the inscription on a video that was shared online by Lindaikejiblogofficial, stated that the management of Westin hotel in Irvine, Texas waited for the cultural event to start before inviting the police to shut down the event.

In the video shared online, the people of Mbaise community were enraged at such treatment placed on them by the hotel management as they described such act as “discrimination“.

From the voices of the people in the video, they said they paid for the hotel’s hall that they were organizing the cultural event, but were asked to leave the hotel at the middle of the event after the hotel have served them their food.

A source who send the video to LIB wrote,”This is an embarrassing situation for the people of Mbaise and Nigeria as a whole. The manager of Westin Hotel Irvine Texas just shut down an Mbaise convention while the event is on going.. We stand with Ndi Igbo home and abroad… let’s build our country… We can do it. Stop being humiliated and rejected home and abroad.”

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