“Destiny u are a bloody liar”_ Ruby reacts to Destiny Etiko accusation

It just happened that social media has been on fire as two Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko and Ruby Orjiako have been on each other’s necks.

The facet of all this drama is when Ruby came hot on social media threatening to deal with Destiny Etiko over a breach contract the two actresses had.

Destiny Etiko on her own also came online to narrate her side of the story on what happened between the two of them and how she gave Ruby money to show up to act on her film but she didn’t come on the time she was needed.

And because she didn’t show up when needed, Destiny Etiko has asked Ruby to return her money which she bluntly refused .

Ruby Orjiako however debunked the claim that she was paid but didn’t keep to contract agreement as planned.

She insinuated that she had already told Destiny Etiko that she is so occupied with jobs that she wouldn’t be able to come act for her but destiny insisted because Ruby was the perfect person for the character.

Ruby then said she would not refund the money because she told Destiny Etiko before she paid in, instead she would do another job for Destiny Etiko in completion of the agreement.

Watch video below