Despite not having enough food to consume, 80 babies were born within seven months – Benue Government

SEMA said that it is difficult to manage the sexual libido of IDPs, following the report that, 80 kids were born in the state’s IDP camps in just seven months


Dr. Emmanuel Shior, the SEMA executive secretary, revealed this to reporters on Friday, July 15, when the organization distributed relief supplies to the IDPs.


He said that the agency kept track of deliveries and that the majority of IDPs were housed with their spouses, which was why there were so many births recorded in the camps.



Shior said

“The agency is very strict on illicit sexual affairs in the camps. It is very difficult to control the tide of births in the camps, the IDPs are human beings.

It is the nature of man, even when they don’t have food to eat, they have the desire for sex; that cannot be taken away from the IDPs. Most of them have their families at the camps.

The aspect we try to control is unmarried people sleeping with each other; other unlawful sexual acts are also forbidden in the camps”

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