Declaring criminals to be terrorists will have no effect – Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a prominent Islamic cleric, has once again slammed proposals for bandits to be declared terrorists, claiming that even if the federal government makes the decision, nothing will change.


“I believe the Federal Government has succumbed to media blackmail by a part of the country,” Malam Tukur Mamu, the Dan-Iyan Fika and Media Consultant to Sheikh Gumi, said in a statement. It will be of little use because they are already being battled and treated as terrorists before the proclamation.”


“So it’s just a nomenclature,” says the author, “which I don’t believe will change the dynamics on the ground.”


“If you recall, IPOB was also declared a terrorist organization, with the declaration backed by a court decision, but as you can see, the world community did not recognize FG’s declaration of IPOB.” As a result, it has been ineffective.

“They haven’t been barred from traveling to other countries while their citizenship is still valid, and their citizenship hasn’t been revoked.” So, what kind of statement is that?


” I genuinely hope that Nigerians do not consider the herdersmen as terrorists, but rather regard the criminality of a handful of them against innocent people as acts of terrorism, just as we regard IPOB’s attacks on security forces and other northern citizens as acts of terrorism. If you look at their population, very few ranchers are bandits.”

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