Damola Olatunji replies fans who accused him of bleaching his skin on Twitter

Damola Olatunji, a Yoruba actor in Nollywood, is currently embroiled in a squabble with fans who accuse him of bleaching his skin.

This comes after the actor posted a message chastising those who harm their skin by using chemicals or bleaching products.
According to the actor, they may like their appearance now, but once they reach middle age, it will be too late to correct past mistakes.

As you dey glow, remember to say u go old sha, according to the post. We’re going to a PTA meeting, and if I don’t laugh, you’ll call me a jerk. Continue to shine,

Some of his fans attacked him in the comments section in response to his post, accusing him of not practicing what he preaches because he, too, is a victim of skin bleaching.

@itmzteddy wrote: Are you talking to yourself because you are the first on this table

Nibo la tun jasi bayi…. see pot calling kettle black, as @akins tubokun 47 wrote.

He claims, however, that he is not and will never be classified as a skin bleacher because he does not always apply cream to his body, and those who know him well can attest to his skin.

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