Comedian Klint D Drunk gives God thanks for the gift of life as he narrowly escaped a ghastly car accident

Nigerian comedian popularly known as Klint D Drunk has given thanks to the Almighty God for another gift of life as he narrowly escaped a ghastly car accident.

The comedian took to his instagram page to share photos of his car that got damaged severely as he also give thanks to God.

On the photos he shared via his instagram page, it is of no doubt that the car accident was a serious one and the car, it was extremely damaged.

Taking to his instagram page, Klint D Drunk who could not have imagine that he will experience such dangerous occurrence in his life said God brought him out from the car accident without any single scratch on him.

“Can’t believe I was in this car! Lord God Almighty, I thank you for the gift of life. You saved me and brought me out without a single scratch. Lord, I thank you! #ithankyoulord #
#saved,” Klint Da Drunk said.

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