Clothes vendor who gave Caramel plug a free dress cries out as she did not tag her business page

A clothes vendor has cried out after Nigerian media personality, Caramel Plug did not tagged her business page.

The clothes vendor claimed that Caramel Plug promised to tag her if she gives her a free dress.

However, Caramel Plug did tagged her page but it was her business page name that the clothes vendor wanted Caramel Plug to tag and she didn’t.

The dress was spotted in a viral video where Caramel Plug was asked the cost of her outfit. In the video, she did not mention the clothes vendor’s name because she said it will be a bonus for her.

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A Twitter user with the name Otunba came to the microblogging platform to post that the clothes vendor reached out to him to make this complain.

The vendor who gave Caramel that outfit she wore in that viral video reached out to me now, she said Caramel promised to tag her if she gives her some clothes free, she did but Caramel tagged Zara instead.

“So I asked the vendor to show me her chats with Caramel to show she knows her, because I told her I won’t post if she won’t show me chats but she did,” the Twitter user said.

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