Citadel, Fidelity, Charles Schwab launch crypto exchange, EDX markets

On a latest update, a new crypto exchange market has been launched. The name of the crypto exchange market is called the EDX markets.

This market was collaboratively launched by Citadel, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Sequoia Capital, Virtu Finance and paradigm to raise a new digital asset platform.

The official announcement was made by the team through press release stating that the EDX market will be launched as they commence operation over some few weeks ago.

According to information source, the exchange platform aim is to provide an exceptional benefit to it customers, enhance liquidity, competitive quotes, and a unique non-custodial model that addresses conflict of interest.

In the model, customers assets are not directly controlled by the marketplace, instead, participating firm will use the EDX marketplace to establish trade price.

The CEO of EDX, Jamil Nazarali said_”EDX’s ability to attract new investors and partners in the face of sector headwinds demonstrates the strength of our platform and the demand for a safe and compliant cryptocurrency market.”

Source: watcher guru