Children who trek from Cameroon to Nigeria to school gained heartfelt reactions

Surprising as children from Cameroon trekked all the way to Nigeria to school has gain heartfelt reactions online.

The children who are schooling in Nigeria said that they are trekking back to their village in Cameroon with legs because they have no money.

The children disclosed that trekking with legs, the journey will take them a day before they can get to their village. Adding that they will not sleep in the journey inorder to minimize time.

A benevolent man who videotaped the children, asked a bike man how much for the transportation fee which he said N5k.

The benevolent man identified on TikTok as Gana comedian paid for the children transport fare   and also gave them an additional money to exchange when they get to Cameroon.

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Kids Treks from Cameroon?? to Nigeria ?? back to Cameroon ?? just to acquire Education.

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@Clearance __”I am crying right now. As a Nigerian I am crying, African children are suffering so much”

@God’s favorite__”Nigerian people are so loving and caring aswear my reason of loving u people sir thanks alot ur kind hearted and ur generosity may God bless you”

@presichongo__”I am a Cameroonian and saying thank you for the gesture is an understatement may God replenish and end the ongoing crisis in the anglophone regions”

@Calvino Wallang__”I hope Mercy Johnson will now believe her mother’s story.”

@cindybright__”God bless u sir we the Cameroon community appreciate u so much ur good heart will take u to higher levels in Jesus name”

@ay_komo__”i have trekked like this in school. God. bless you sir. If they need foster parent kindly let me know. Also opportunity 4 dem to study in Canada. pls”

@teghascott__”one thing i have always said Nigerians are the best of all humans in Africa no matter the hate the hole world have for them. much love from Cameroon”