Bukunmi Oluwasina advises women not to leave guys who cheat on them.

Bukunmi Oluwasina, an actress and singer, believes that finding a partner who is completely faithful is difficult.

“I appreciate man who has the fear of God,” she stated when asked about the attributes she seeks for in man. 
guy who possesses God’s wisdom will understand how to raise family. 
also want man who would never give up on me, because may be difficult. 
adore man who adores me for who am. 
like people who, no matter how difficult things may be, remain loyal to one another. 
When love never ends, believe it is love. 
Because we are all human beings, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find faithful man. It is really difficult to find someone who is completely trustworthy. The majority of individuals are unaware of this, therefore when their partner cheats on them, they end the relationship. What gives you the idea that the next person you date will not be unfaithful to you? We are neither angels nor saints. “There is no love without forgiveness,” I add, “so I look for a man who can forgive.”
“I am an actor,” Oluwasina said when asked about her working relationship with Lateef Adedimeji. 
That’s what I’m paid to do, and it’s what studied in college. 
All actors have chemistry with me, as long as they know how to do their job correctly. 
Adedimeji Lateef is also terrific actor, and when two fantastic actors are partnered together, you always feel like you have chemistry with them. 
Because it’s going to look real, they’ll rub off on each other.”
The actress also remarked that acting is far more difficult than many people believe. “The work takes a lot more from you than it offers you,” she continued. Show business provides you celebrity, but it also deprives you of things you might otherwise overlook. I would have probably had my own child and settled down if I wasn’t in Hollywood because I adore children. I’m not willing to give up my desire to start a family. Showbiz can leave you with insufficient time to spend with your loved ones. My freedom has been taken away by the entertainment industry. It can be painful at times. I am a true introvert. However, even when I am uncomfortable doing it, I have had to make acquaintances with others. I don’t like wasting too much time on social media since it prevents me from doing something innovative. I don’t enjoy having my phone near me when I’m composing a script. I’ve had reasons to do things I don’t want to do, and that occasionally worries me out.”

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