Between two abusive fans concerning Erriga’s tweet

Two abusive fans on Twitter has really raise eyebrows concerning their replies to popular Nigerian rapper, Erigga’s tweet on Twitter.

On Twitter, Erigga was insinuating what a smoker can do despite being under the influence of cigarette, as according him, a smoker can still give good and reasonable advise than a pastor.

Seeing this, a fan who was not too pleased with his tweet disputed by insulting him: “you be mumu,” the fan wrote.

Another fan identified as Maha Oguche on Twitter also replied the fan that insulted Erigga because of his tweet, he wrote :”No use your 1 step compare to another man 100 step, if you can’t relate, then sharap.”

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Nevertheless, this Erigga’s tweet also sparked reactions from other fans like Kalu Nwachi who wrote:“Yeah…smoke opens you up to some many forces… intuition comes in and goes. I think you can’t write exceptional songs without ?”

Mama Ese wrote:”I have. This uncle that smokes badly,guess what? When we have issues he is the one we go to for advice and his advice are always top notch…”

King of content wrote:”That one wey tell me say make I cut my nepa wire from pole go buy small tiger generator.E talk nepa go lose customer.No be Nassarawa loud be that one?”

Abdullahi DJ. Aduba wrote:”I’ve seen where a Policeman settled a case of alleged infidelity same case Pastors from 3 different churches couldn’t settle for almost 1 year.. so u are correct.”

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