Beautiful Photographs Of Yinka Quadri, His Wife, Children, And Grandchildren.

Alhaji Olayinka Quadri, also known as Yinka Quadri, is a well-known Yoruba actor, director, producer, brand ambassador, and influencer. Yinka Quadri, as he is affectionately known, is a well-known figure in Yoruba cinema and is considered one of the industry’s founding fathers.


He was born in Lagos Island, Lagos State, on September 6, 1959. However, he is a native of Oro, Kwara State. Agba Akin of Oro Kingdom is his title. His birthday was just a few days ago, and he was feted by his family and Nollywood celebrities


Quadri is still very active in the film industry, as evidenced by his frequent appearances on film sets.

Father and husband, may you be blessed. He has a happy marriage. And she’s been married to her husband for 35 years. Yinka has a large family, including children and grandchildren. Some of his children live and work in other countries, while others remain in Nigeria.

He comes from a large family and has shown genuine concern and support for his wife and children. He is a proponent of family love and harmony. And is well-known for preaching about the importance of family support.





Yinka was raised in Lagos State, where he had his primary school education, and dropped out of secondary school. He’s the president and co-founder of Odunfa Caucus in Ebute Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Yinka Quadri joined the Yoruba Movie Industry in 1976. He started featuring in several movies, and played several roles. Then, from there, fans started getting acquainted to his face. And that was how he became popular and recognized in the Yoruba Movie Industry. He has been favoured and blessed by the high and mighty in Nigeria. He’s a very successful veteran actor, and a household name in the Yoruba Movie Industry.

Yinka Quadri is still very active in movies, as he’s frequently seen on different movie locations shooting movies.

He’s a blessed father and husband. He’s happily married. And has been married for 35 years. Yinka is blessed with children and grandchildren. Some of his children are based abroad, where they work and studying, while others are in Nigeria.

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