BBNaija: My Mother Tried To Abort My Pregnancy Multiple Times. – Mercy Eke.

Mercy Eke, the victorious contender of the renowned reality TV series, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Pepper Dem Season 4, courageously unveiled the distressing truth that her mother had been persistently coerced to terminate her pregnancy. Despite the immense pressure, Mercy defied odds and made her mark in the world, all at the age of 32.

Mercy shared a deeply personal account of her mother’s challenging pregnancy, recounting how her aunt persistently urged her mother to consider aborting the baby due to already having five older siblings. Mercy revealed, “During my mother’s pregnancy, one of my aunts, who already had four daughters and one son, came and disapprovingly remarked, ‘Emilia, another pregnancy? How many more children are you going to burden us with?'” At the age of 32, Mercy reflects on the obstacles her mother faced while carrying her, ultimately defying the pressure and becoming the strong individual she is today.

During a celebration of her personal growth and achievements, the reality star and model, Mercy Eke, revealed that her mother had recently shared the story with her. It was a heartfelt moment as her mother recounted the past struggles, emphasizing the immense pride she feels for her daughter’s accomplishments. The conversation served as a reminder of the challenges overcome and the power of resilience in shaping Mercy’s journey.

Mercy shared a touching conversation she had with her mother, who expressed deep regret for ever considering the possibility of aborting her. Mercy revealed, “My mother told me that she often wishes that certain person was alive to witness the remarkable woman I have become. She is genuinely happy with me and grateful that she made the decision not to abort me. She takes pride in the fact that I survived against all odds, even without having much to support me at the time.” Mercy’s mother is now filled with joy and contentment, relishing in the simple pleasures of life and appreciating the risks she took in bringing Mercy into the world. As the first female winner of Big Brother Naija season 4, Mercy continues to make waves as a contestant in the ongoing Big Brother Naija All Stars Season 8 edition.