American Vlogger, Sabbatical, Shares His Experience At Lagos Airport

An American Vlogger whose name is Sabbatical has shared the stressful experience he encountered at Lagos airport.

According to the Vlogger, he said that everything is extremely c*rrupted’ in Nigeria, adding that Lagos airport is literally the full definition of c*rruption that pop up in the English dictionary.

Sharing the video which has gone round social media, Sabbatical stated that if someone want to do something, he will have to pay for it, and if the person does not want his bag to be searched or if he does not want to stay in the queue, he will still have to pay money for it.

He also insinuated as he shows some officials who were standing at the airport on his camera that he has never seen things like this in his life before as things are very stressful in the country, and that Nigeria is not for ” faint hearted person “.

Watch video below

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