Air Passengers go spiritual after a nearly-death experience

Air passengers that left Owerri and were heading to Lagos have to go spiritual after they encountered a nearly death experience.

According to report, the plane with the number ‘P47159’ that was suppose to land in Lagos made a quick turn for an Emergency Landing in Port Harcourt.

The reason for this redirection was for the safety of the passengers after they heard a spark and lightening from the engine of the aircraft, but the pilot was brave and well experienced to take the action of landing in Port Harcourt.

On the video shared, one of the passengers who recorded what happened in the aeroplane, captured it as the passengers were praying, and said he will never fly with airplane again because his life is very important.

However, the fire fighter squad were on time as the plane landed in Port Harcourt, but there were no such thing as fire burning on the aircraft.

Watch video below.

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