After a fire at the Egbin Power Plant in Lagos, power generation fell by 630 megawatts.

A fire at the Egbin Power Plant in Ikorodu, Lagos state, has resulted in a 630 megawatt reduction in power generation (MW).


On Wednesday, February 2 at about 4.20 p.m., a fire broke out at the company’s power plant, causing a blackout in Lagos state. A team of firefighters worked together with firefighters from the Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) in Egbin to successfully put out the fire.


In a statement issued on Friday, February 4, Egbin Power Plc said that shutting down power generation, together with the Transmission Company of Nigeria’s (TCN) load reduction mechanism, helped to avoid the system from collapsing.

The thermal plant has an installed capacity of 1,320MW, with six units of 220MW each, and an average generating capacity of roughly 800MW, according to the business.


Egbin power company also announced that it has launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire incident following the temporary suspension of its operations in accordance with the plant’s safety procedures, assuring the general public that its technical team is working to restore operations.


On Thursday, February 3, TCN’s spokesperson, Ndidi Mba, stated that the fire event resulted in the loss of 630MW from the national grid.


Mba stated:

“We know that there was a fire outbreak and the total generation of 630MW was removed from the grid because of that.

“You know, when a fire outbreak happens, even if it doesn’t affect the entire units, the tendency is that to protect the other ones, you shut them down.

“So, as I said, 630mw was removed from the grid on that day (Wednesday).”

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