After a farmer vowed to teach thieves who stole his animals a lesson, a man began eating grass and walking like a cow.

On Wednesday, January 26, spectacular sight unfolded in Kenya’s Trans Nzoia county when guy convicted of stealing livestock began walking like cow and eating grass along the Kitale-Eldoret Highway.


witness, Peter Wafula, told K24 Digital that the man was suspected of being member of criminal group in Trans Nzoia that had been stealing animals and robbing shops.


Wafula stated that the incident occurred two weeks after farmer in the Shimo la Tewa area had his bull stolen and butchered in nearby forest by criminals. 
The farmer, he alleged, had promised to teach the crooks lesson.


According to the eyewitness,


“The farmer was so angry and he promised to teach the culprits a lifetime lesson. This could be one of the promised lessons”

Another witness, Simon Maingi, testified that the accused was unable to talk at the time of the occurrence and that their attempts to prevent him from eating grass were futile.


According to Maingi,


“We were shocked to see him walk like a cow and the worst thing is that he was eating grass. We tried talking to him but the man was unable to speak”


The eyewitness went on to say that the accused was traveling in the area where the bull was supposedly murdered, a move he said linked him to the farmer’s earlier crime.


Maingi continued,


“Stealing is dangerous. We the youths should never think about stealing because you can end up grazing like this man, risk being jailed or even being killed by the mob.”

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