Actor Sam Dede Celebrates 56 years birthday today

Nigerian popular actor, Sam Dede , celebrates his birthday as he added plus one today.

The actor took to his instagram page to celebrate himself as he became 56 years old today.

While taking to his instagram page, he wrote ;

“30th November: It’s one more year to the score….

Like the stream flows to the river
And the river flows to the sea,
I trod from innocence to embrace experience.

Tossed and slammed by the furious anger of tidal waves of the high seas….. blasted by the Typhoon…..

But I say to my soul….
Hold on strong,
Take courage,
Put on the Whole Armour.
And be that one you are born to be.
I March.

Giving thanks to the most high for the strong hold on the energy of life-force.

Grand rising into a new day of Positivity.”

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Some celebrities, colleagues, friends and fans also took to their comment sections to wish him a happy birthday.

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