A Twitter user describes how he slept with his cousin sister for one year.

A Nigerian man took to Twitter to describe how he slept with his cousin for nearly a year.


@webdevS35 stated that his affair with his cousin began after he witnessed her having sex with a guy. He claimed the cousin lied about not feeling well in order to avoid going to church, but she brought a man home to have sex with after everyone else had gone to church.


The Twitter user went on to say that he left church early because he was sick, only to return home to see his cousin having sex with the man she had invited home. He claimed she used sex to keep him quiet for the remainder of the year so he wouldn’t tell on her.


He published;


“Yea! One time like that, my cousin said she wasn’t feeling well so we all left for church without her. And since church usually closes late in the afternoon she brought in a guy. I was not feeling well actually so my parents asked me to go back home during service.

I went back to meet my cousin collecting tatata. She jumped up lol. I said don’t worry I won’t tell. Some days after she joking said she’ll bribe me so I won’t tell so we laughed. Anyway she gave me knack as bribe. I knack am for the rest of that year”

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