A man was apprehended with a handgun and other weapons In Ogun State.

The So-Safe Corps of the Ogun State Government has detained a man named Matthew for being in possession of a firearm and hazardous weapons.


Matthew used to work on a farm in Ibadan, Oyo State, but claims that his pay wasn’t enough to suit his demands, so he moved to Ogun State.


Matthew was spotted outside the FRSC headquarters in Alapako, along the Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, according to a So-Safe Corps spokeswoman, and he was suspected of criminal intent.


He was apprehended right away, and the operation team discovered a locally produced gun, a large stick, an ATM card, three phones, a cutlass, and a saw blade.


“After conducting preliminary investigation on him, the suspect and the exhibit discovered with him were given over to the police at Alapako for further investigation and possible prosecution,” the official said.

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