A man can serve you breakfast because you are loving him too much – Twitter user, Ugochi

Twiter user, Ugochi expressed the reason her boyfriend dumped her.


In a tweet, @Ugochi asserted that sometimes men leave their partners “not because you don’t love him enough, but because you love him too much.”


She also admitted that she was playing the part of a wife rather than a girlfriend when she was dumped.


She published;

“After my ex boyfriend served me breakfast, I was surprised because I thought I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing as a great girlfriend but after sometime, I started seeing all the things I was doing wrong when I was with him.

Ladies, sometimes, men dump you not because you are not loving him enough but because you are loving him too much! I realized I was playing the role of a wife instead of a girlfriend and that’s what got me dumped! If you are a girlfriend, you have no business playing the role of a wife. I was doing too much”

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