A lady was attacked and her valuables were taken by traffic robbers

At the Apongbon bridge in Lagos, traffic robbers allegedly stabbed a woman and stole all of her possessions.


The incident happened in broad daylight, according to Twitter user @BorlahB, when the lady was on her way to work.

She said;

“I think it’s time for @lagosstategov  to do something about the issue of broad day and night robbery on the bridge inside traffic.this just happened to my friend and his colleague on their way to work this morning at apongbon bridge.the thief collected all thier bags and belongings

And still stabbed her with a knife.if @jidesanwoolu did not do something to stop this criminal act in Lagos immediately am afraid what our fate is going to be in next four years again..and I don’t think we are even going to vote for him for second term”

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