800,000 litre of stolen crude oil vessel intercepted by militant leader Timopolos Tantita Security Service Nigeria limited (TSSNL)

Tantita Security Services, deflected a suspicious Vessel with a Cargo of Crude oil on board on July 7, 2023, following the receipt of credible intelligence, a Private Security Contractor engaged by NNPC Ltd., Messrs.

The Vessel, MT TURA II (IMO number: 6620462), owned by a Nigerian Registered Company, HOLAB MARITIME SERVICES LIMITED with Registration Number RC813311, was heading to Cameroun with the Cargo on board when it was apprehended at an offshore location (Latitude: 5.8197194477543235°, Longitude: 4.789002723991871°), with the Captain and Crew members on board.

From investigations, it was disclosed that the crude oil cargo onboard was illegally sourced(stolen) from a well jacket offshore Ondo State, Nigeria.

It was also revealed that there was no valid document presented on the vessel or crude oil at the time of arrest, arraying the vessel as a stolen item.

Further investigation into the activities of the vessel at the NNPC Ltd. Command and Control Centre also reported that the Vessel has been operating in the act of theft for the last twelve (12) years. The last reported location of the Vessel was Tin Can Port in July 2011.

Details of the arrest and outcome were brought to the appropriate government authorities. According to report, the vessel was to be destroyed as to serve as a lesson to those who are involved in such illegal activities and also to desist from it.

Destroying the vessel will serve as a strong deterrent to the transporting of stolen crude oil because illegal trade of crude oil inflict significant economic losses on Nigeria.

NNPC Ltd. assures Nigerians that we will sustain the momentum in the war against crude oil theft until it is brought to a halt.

Source: gossipmilltv

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