2months after she was brutalized and battered by fiance, lady set to take another step of marriage

A lady has made a stunned online after two months of being battered and badly brutalized by her fiance, has now set to get married to her fiancé.

This lady in two months ago, shared photo of her face that go wounded and swollen by her fiancé due to the beating he gave her.

During that period of time, this same Lady identified as Amiracle Unique said any time she looks at her face, she will start to cry because she doesn’t deserve such treatment.

People however thought that the relationship will end there, but on the contrary, she has now disclosed that she will be getting married to him very soon.

Disclosing this, she stressed that no man is perfect and if anyone want to make amends of their wrongs, they should be given another chance to do so but not to judge them.

She then went further to say that she owe no body any explanations because what have happened in the past have been left in the past, and she has taken a decision that makes her happy, since she has been happy sharing her life with her fiancé for the past five years.

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